About Stortford Honey

saving the world one bee at a time

About Stortford Honey

Head beekeeper Louise says “My bees are lovely yellow Italian bees. They have a lovely nature, and work really hard to produce some amazing honey!”lc

“It’s incredible to watch the bees draw out the comb and produce their sweet honey as the season progresses”.

Click & Collect!

jar of stortford honey 150Our honey is available at the moment.  If you would like to buy some you can Click & Collect.  Either pay us using PayPal or you can pay cash on collection.

Locally Produced Honey

Our delectable honey is taken straight from the hives in our apiaries in the local area.  Locally produced honey has many benefits.

It may help you with seasonal allergies, and can also improve your memory!

Ever Changing Flavours

Depending on the season, and what my bees are foraging on, the honey will take on a variety of flavours and aromas.

Keep coming back and you can enjoy the nectar from each batch.  Will you taste the sweet borage? Or delight in the aromas of the field bean honey?

Raw Honey

We produce fine honey, but don’t give us all the credit.  Our lovely yellow Italian bees do all the hard work.

We simply extract, filter and put it in our jars.  Our honey isn’t heated, so it retains it’s natural elements and enzymes.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax is secreted by the bees for use in the Hive. The Wax is then washed and filtered for use in our candle making. Due to our candles being 100% bee’s wax with nothing else added, colour may very from the colour white, light yellow and natural yellow.
All of our luxury candles are hand made in Stortford.


Starflower Borage Honey

Starflower Borage Honey

A Delightful Light Honey

We are delighted announce the availability of our latest batch of sweet honey, predominantly from the flowering annual herb, borage, and with a mix of filed bean flowers.

Borage is also known as the Starflower, and is a beautiful flowering herb with many medicinal properties.

Summer Honey 2016

Summer Honey 2016

A Medium Honey with Depth

Our Stortford Summer Honey proved to be a big hit.  Selling out in less than 24 hours.

But don’t panic, there are many more batches to come, and all will be local, raw, beautiful sweet honey.


Stortford Honey Blog

Stortford Honey Blog

Keep Up To Date With the Honey!

Want to know what’s new at Stortford Honey?  Keep updated with our blog and you’ll know what’s available, when.