What can you do with your beeswax bars?

Well you could just melt the bars down in a Bain marie ( a pan of boiling water with another cooking container is placed in) add a few drops of any essential oil for smell.  Add a cotton wick (these can be purchased in Hobbycraft or amazon) then pour into your container.


How about making “cold cream”  This is used to remove make-up.

Ingredients: 1oz beeswax, 1oz Vaseline, 1 fluid oz of distilled water or Rosewater, 5 fluid oz of baby oil

Method: Melt the beeswax, when almost done add the Vaseline then the oil and mix together,  Then add to your chosen jar.


Floor Polish:

Ingredients: 8oz Beeswax, 1 pint of pure turpentine.

Method: Melt the wax and turpentine together in a jar placed in a pan of water and heat GENTLY.  TAKE CARE AS THIS MIXTURE IS INFLAMMABLE!  Stir well and allow to cool.