Our new product is called “House a HIve” Have you ever been fascinated about Honey bees but don’t really want to keep your own bees?  Do you have the space to house a hive but would rather not do the handling of the bees?  Do you have room on your commercial property to house some bees, Then this is for you.

What is involved:

We will do a free site visit and depending on the location suitability, around April time we will place our own hives on the agreed location.  We will then visit and care for the bees at least once a week all throughout the summer months.  Things start to slow down (depending on the weather) around October time.  Any honey that has then been produced by the bees will be taken away, filtered and jared by hand.  Then depending on the package you go for the percentage will be delivered to your door.  You will be able to have either the Stortford Honey branding label or you could go for your own name.  This will not only work for domestic but commercial locations as well.   You could branded your honey with your company logo to supply to customers, clients and employees it will make a great marketing tool.

We always put two hive onsite as they work much better with the two than the one.  Should you wish to discuss this further please do get in touch.

You will be sent regular email updates on how your hives are doing.  Should you be a company you would be able to share with your staff and customers.

You will also be able to watch us at work doing regular hive inspections (by prior arrangements)

Fine print:

We are looking for space in and around Bishops Stortford.  The Bees will fly up to 3 miles to forage for food so don’t worry about that so much.

Idea spot for a hive: in a sunny position (ideally with morning sun) and partial shade. protected from strong winds.  I will also need to have wheelbarrow access as the honey frames are heavy!

Ideally speak to your neighbours before hand.  Or you could direct them to us, we would be more than willing to talk it through with them.

Time frame: We will need to keep the bees in place for at least one year as they don’t like being move around much.

House a hive packages:

2 Beehive rented and maintained by us with no % of the honey crop will be £20 per month. (no additional hive charge)

2 Beehives rented and maintained by us with 50% of the honey productions £90 per month.  Additional hive charge £20 per month.

2 Beehives rented and maintained by us with 100% of the honey production £150 per month.  Additional hive charge £30 per month.