Beebombs Native wildflower seeballs


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We are please to be able to supply Bee Bombs Native Wildflower seed balls.

1 pack provides coverage for roughly 21 sq ft / 2m². Beebombs use only sustainable packaging. No ‘one use plastics’ used.

97% of natural bee and butterfly habitat has been lost in the UK since WW2. 97%. With your help, we can start to restore the lost wildflower habitat and make an important contribution to the biodiversity of Great Britain.

Handmade in Dorset, Bee Bombs are a mix of 18 British wildflower seeds, fine, sifted soil and locally sourced clay. Our seeds are native species and designated by the Royal Horticultural Society as “Perfect for Pollinators”

They are handmade with 1000s of wildflower seeds along with sheltering clay and sifted top soil.

You don’t need to have greenfingers either as they can be scattered straight onto the ground at any time of the year (but Autumn and Spring are best).  They say sow onto cleared ground as the wildflowers are slow growers and will need to compete with the fast growing grasses and weeds at the early stages.  The soil and clay will help to germinate and protect the seeds.  They will only need rain, time and a lot of sun.





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